I just wish to say to anyone thinking about having Hypnotherapy then, just do it.

Lisa-marie is an amazing therapist. 

I have now overcome my fear of confronting people, this was having a serious impact on my work and if continued I would of been down graded and, a big loss of earnings.

Lisa-marie introduced to me WSN therapy. Loved it. 

Can't thank you enough


Lisa Marie, a lady I originally saw back in October 2015, was somebody to help me try and deal with being diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2015! Not only did she become somebody I saw every Friday up until my operation in April but she's also become a friend!
Lisa Marie helped me more than I can ever say thank you for, to the point where I wasn't scared for my operation and have become in control of myself mentally and internally amazingly all thanks to her.
We carried out various types of treatment all which helped and it 100% helped me get through this situation great.
Lisa Marie is fantastic and now is the time to start working on post op procedures ready for me to go back to work!
I know seeing hypnotherapists/psychotherapists can be a little wary initially but I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa Marie, can never be thankful enough and my situation was very serious! She is a star X

Lisa-Marie was very responsive and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process.  She really helps to boost your confidence and I can thoroughly recommend her.  Thanks very much.


I need to say the biggest thank you to you Lisa-Marie, you helped us to get our beautiful girl back to being well again. We as a family have had a terrible tragedy and it affected our daughter terribly.

After just one visit with you Lisa- Marie and a phone conversation you had with her has turned her life around again. She is still doing the little routine changes that you worked on together.

Always and forever grateful. You are our guardian angel.

Marie, David and Olivia. Xxx

Marie, David and Olivia,

Lisa- Marie thank you so much for helping our daughter get back her confidence at school.
Forever grateful. Anna. X

I would like to say a huge thank you, we where told my daughter Would need to have daily injections to keep her diabetes under control.

This scared the hell out of me as I am petrified of needles , having anything to do with needles.

I went to lisa- Marie for help and she helped me to overcome my fears.

Thank you so much I can now look after my daughter and I really feel great and in control.

Linda and Steve.Xxx

Linda & Steve,

A huge thanks to you, I smoked for 19 years and now I have given up and stuck to it. It has been 16 weeks now and I really am feeling the benefits.

Me and my family can't thank you enough.

A big thank you Both girls got into the finals of surry open

Lotti won - really  saw a difference in her temperament   Lily came runner up she may need another session or 10  😊well done