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New Therapies

In July 2015 I'll be adding more Therapies to support:   Inflammatory bowel disease Chronic pain Fertility problems Tinnitus Hypertension Insomnia Cancer
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A great source of information – No More Panic

Hypnotherapy is another form of therapy that is sometimes feared, exploited and under-estimated. We have all seen stage hypnotists hypnotise people and make them do just about anything they ask them to and we all say "I'm not doing that"! But Hypnotherapy has helped many people including myself so it may be worth while reading on to see what it could do for you!


NHS should offer hypnosis as standard says new report

The BBC reports...

Hypnosis should become a standard technique on the NHS to treat a range of conditions according to a new report.

The hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine section of the Royal Society of Medicine says the technique can be used to relieve pain and treat stress related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Hypnosis in The Guardian Newspaper!

Hypnosis is real (of course)...

The Guardian reports that studies show that people who are genuinely hypnotised show different brain wave patterns from those who are pretending.

"Neuroimaging has also proved key in answering the question of whether hypnotised people are pretending to experience the effects. When people are asked to fake hypnosis, to the point where observers cannot tell the difference between them and the genuinely hypnotised people, the two groups are clearly distinguishable by their brain activity"

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