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Do you have an extreme form of fear or anxiety, do you feel anxious about something or doing something even when you know that there is no danger. Has this feeling been with you for several months or does it have a significant impact on how you live your day-to day life. Let me help you.


Do you feel fretful and worry about something that you think will cause you pain and discomfort? Do you wish you could take part in different activities with family and friends? Does a fear you have cause you to make others worry unnecessarily? Do you feel agitated about things that you don't even know much…
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Needle Phobia

Is your fear of needles stopping you from having a happy, healthy life, do you avoid going to the doctors in case they request that you have a blood test. Do you want to travel to a certain part of the world and you need to be immunised before you travel but, your fear of needles is stopping…
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