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Let’s beat Stress together

You can learn how to handle negative stress through the help of hypnotherapy and hypnosis . Stress affects many of us and that can be a strain on our health and mental well being. Around 75% of the general population deal with stress at least every 2 weeks of their lives. Hypnosis helps to create…
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Deep Relaxation

If you simply require some deep relaxation, some you time, then I can help you to unwind and help you to blow all your stress away. Relaxation sessions are a beautiful way to end a busy hectic week. Allowing every muscle and nerve in your  body to become, so relaxed... Relaxation session:  £25.00  for 45 minute…
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Teeth Grinding – Bruxism

Do your suffer with grinding your teeth and causing you to have problems with your, teeth, jaw pain, earache and  even suffer with headaches. Bruxism is often caused by stress and happens during the night while you are sleeping. If you have visited your dentist for an examination or consulted your GP and the results are…
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